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"The smart device that solves the problem of lice in an innovative, easy to use and healthy Way"

With a huge global market potential, the Sphinx Smarthead Company invites you to invest together with the leading investment fund Terra Ventures.

Type Stocks
Category Medical Device
Minimal Raising Goal 15,000$

The smart device that finaly solves the problem that every parent faces – lice!

Almost every parent out there knows that a day will come when they will have to deal with unwanted visitors on their children’s heads. It’s an unpleasant and very annoying global epidemic.

In the past, people dealt with the problem with means that are prohibited today, and while technology has made great leaps in many respects, it hasn’t had any real breakthroughs in solving this problem. To date, people apply chemical solutions to get rid of nits and lice. These are mostly unnatural, an inconvenience, they take time and cause a lot of frustration for both children and their parents.

The Solution: A Revolutionary Device that uses Directionally-Focused Airflow Technology

Sphinx decided to look for a smart and more efficient, medically-based technological solution as an approach for getting rid of the global nuisance. After consideration of several alternatives, such as laser and cameras, the smartest and simplest solution emerged – DFHA therapy: Directionally-Focused Hot Airflow.

The device includes innovative breakthrough technology, packed into what looks like a friendly handheld haircutting machine: as the device “combs” through the hair, a flow of very hot air is released through the combs of the device perpendicularly to the scalp. The stream of air immediately destroys the lice and nits without reaching the child’s scalp. When the device is in use, it actively cools down the part that touches the scalp, so it actually feels like a pleasant head massage.


Natural Treatment in Only 15 Minutes

Treatment with NitEx takes about 15 minutes on a dry head of hair, without shampoo, no chemical substances and pain free! Treatment requires no preparation, it doesn’t take long, and the device is convenient and easy to use wherever and whenever you want and can also be used in public institutions such as pre-school and schools. Because it is easy to use and doesn’t take long, it can be used as preventative treatment in only a few minutes a day.

The device has already been tested extensively with impressive results – where in a single treatment the nits and lice were eradicated with great efficacy when compared to the products that are currently available on the shelf.  Furthermore, as opposed to treatments with creams and shampoos that must be bought again and again when the lice come back, the Sphinx device can serve the entire family for many years, making the overall cost of treatment significantly cheaper than other treatments.

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The Benefits of Treatment:

    • 100% natural, without any chemical additives.
    • A short, 15-minute, treatment.
    • Low cost over time.
    • Can be used anywhere, including educational facilities.
    • No precare or shampooing required.

The Benefits of the Company:

  • Self-care medical device for home use.
  • A team of executive managers and specialists with over 80 years of accumulated experience.
  • Existing market of about 2 billion USD with over 50 million potential customers around the world.
  • The Israel Innovation Authority made a substantial investment through Terra Ventures between 2017 and 2018.
  • Meeting the targets set forth by the Israel Innovation Authority
  • Selected for the third time by the Israel Innovation Authority for an additional grant, based on the company’s achievements in the preceding years.
  • Terra Ventures participation in the current investment round.
  • Agreement on principles signed with a leading manufacturer, including a substantial upfront payment for future supply of branded devices.
  • An opinion supporting fast-track approval by the FDA.
  • Optional expansion into the pet market.


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Market Data and Potential

While lice are a worldwide problem, the US market is by far the most significant one. In America and in some other countries, like England and Australia, children with lice are expelled from the education system and cannot return until they are lice-free. Getting expelled from school because of lice is very unpleasant for the child, and very frustrating for the parents who must take time off work until the outbreak passes. 

Now, imagine that same child stepping out of the classroom to the nurse’s room for a few minutes to undergo treatment with NitEx, and immediately returns to the classroom when treatment is over. This benefits the entire system, making the development by Sphinx the preferred and default method for getting rid of lice all over the world.

The current market potential in the US alone is estimated at one billion dollars, with another billion predicted for this market around the world.

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נתוני שוק

Market Penetration Strategy:

אסטרטגיית כניסה לשוק

As a company that perceives itself as an industry rebel, Sphinx Smarthead aspires to follow three key approaches in promoting awareness and sales of NitEx:

  1. Engage public opinion leaders in this industry, like doctors and nurses.
  2. Establish NitEx as the standard device for use in schools and preschools.
  3. Start a social media buzz by marketing the product to reach the right audience.


The revolutionary device from Sphinx Smarthead is PCT pending (worldwide patent application). The patent office inspector has received all of the company’s claims of novelty, and the patent is expected to be published in March 2020.

So far, the company used its initial investment for testing and for modifying and improving every phase, to optimize and maximize the results.



The company is now raising investment funds for the following:

  1. Commercializing the device to high volume commercial production level for the global market.
  2. Obtaining all the regulatory approvals, including the FDA’s.
  3. Commencement of sales and reaching the first significant sales target.

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