Doron Libshtein

Doron Libshtein

Doron Libstein – Mentor in the field of internet and digital

Doron brings with him many years of experience in management, especially in the high-tech and finance industry in Israel.

He served as a senior manager and as a director in leading hi-tech companies, including Microsoft, MSN, Maayan Ventures, Tapuz and others.

Doron is the Chairman and Founder of Volvo Digital and Chairman of the Hall Center in the US.  As an international guide and strategic entrepreneur in the field of personal growth, Doron brought to Israel many of the world’s leading mentors.

Doron holds a BA in Economics and an MBA.

דורון ליבשטיין - מנטור בתחום האינטרנט והדיגיטל - הצוות של טוגדר השקעות המונים