Why we created Together

Why we created Together

From now on, you can also invest

in the Start-Up Nation

Israel a technology superpower

Israel, the Startup Nation, is a world-renowned hub for innovation, entrepreneurs and technology. Year by year, our small State of Israel generates more successful high-tech companies than most of the great nations of the world.

In recent years we have seen Israeli companies being acquired for billions of dollars. However, until recently access to high-tech companies and participation in their success was reserved to an exclusive and limited group of VCs (many of which foreign) and Angel investors.

Crowdfunding for companies and ventures

Crowdfunding is a method for financing companies, ventures and organizations, based on funds invested by a large number of private individuals.

Crowdfunding has gained considerable speed in recent years in light of economic and technological advancement, a macroeconomic environment of low interest rates in the Western world, and legislative amendments in many states enabling a large group of small investors to invest in early-stage companies in consideration for shares.

For investors

Together connects investors with top Israeli companies and ventures, offering every investor a true opportunity to join the company or venture it finds attractive as an investor and partner.

Our professional and experienced team meets daily with companies and ventures, which under go through a screening and selection process aimed at keeping those with the highest prospects for success and high yield to investors.

For companies

Together is a one-stop-shop for successfully completing significant equity financing, which includes personal and professional guidance before, during and after that campaign.

We have a large database of leading investors that in many instances will participate and invest in ventures before and during the campaign.

Together also offers professional tools for entrepreneurs such as marketing, legal, financial and other, for successfully completing the campaign.

Precisely because of this we established Together

Why invest with us

Together is a unique equity crowdfunding platform, established by a team of skilled professionals with extensive experience and involvement in finance, high-tech and equity investments.

Together is supported by a cast of Israel’s leading consultants and mentors in high-tech, finance and crowdfunding.

Together’s goal is to allow everyone access to the success of the Startup Nation and facilitate investments in promising companies and ventures.